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The ideal site for the modern day jobseeker. Hotzimbabwejobs is a job aggregator site which brings together all latest job openings from print to electronic media. We are committed to finding quality job listings whilst ensuring employers find quality candidates through empowering training institutions to present educational opportunities thus empowering the jobseeker to acces skills development to become more competitive on the job market. Hotzimbabwe jobs encompasses all aspects of job search from job vacancies, motivation, career development, career tips amongst others. Hotzimbabwejobs also seeks to promote employment creation through entrepreneurial marketing. As Hotzimbabwejobs we believe todays jobseeker is tommorrows employer thus we provide a platform for startups to market their products or services promoting growth which in turn creates employment.

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We gives the opportunity to Small businesses as well as established Organisations to reach an audience . As hotzimbabwejobs we believe todays jobseeker is tommorows employer thus we want to help small business grow indirectly creating job opportunities

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Empowering jobseekers to present their Qualifications more proffessionally Hotzimbabwejobs HotCVs is focused on reviewing and writting better CVs for proffessionalls of all levels

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With a redefined Search Algorithm we have made it possible for you to search for any listings or posts that have been posted using multiple search criterias. You can now search for anything in the website with a minimum of three characters in your "Search". This is to improve on the availability of information to you.

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Why go through the hustle of opening your web browser scrolling to the bookmarks when you can just open the app that brings everything straight to you ?.
Our App is designed to help minimize your data usage and maximize on efficiency and reliability. It features all the site features like, Viewing and Searching for posts and offers more to help you find and share listings with your fellow friends and loved ones.

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