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Date Posted: 2021-04-18 11:51:32
Company Name Altran Security
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    Senior Management
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    0 (years)
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    Full time




Job Summary:
 A unique and demanding role has emerged in a Security Company. The role of General Manager is newly created and will report to the Directors. It has come about due to their expansion plans of pending projects for the future. It strongly will be supported by new Key Head Management Team in the company. It goes without saying that the company will have ample skills and talent, which will make it stand out as a preferred employer of choice.We are therefore searching for a dynamic and experienced leader to join our company in the role of General Manager. The ideal candidate for this position should have previous corporate management experience and a proven track record for the effective team management and results-driven leadership.The General Manager will be responsible for the management of the operations of the company as well as setting its overall vision. The role involves a high level of responsibility, with pivotal decision making affecting the future of the company and its employees. Within this role, the General Manager will be expected to oversee all operations of the Organisation and will also be expected to develop and approve strategies for the company as well as communicating these strategies to an internal and external audience.

Duties and Responsibilities:
(1) Leading the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy 
(2) Soliciting advice and guidance, when appropriate, from Directors 
(3) Formulating and implementing the strategic plan
that guides the direction of the business or organization. 
(4) Overseeing the complete operation of the organization in accordance with the direction established in the strategic plans 
(5) Evaluating the success of the organization in reaching its goals, responsibilities and activities in the local community, the government, and at the national level 
(6) Participating in industry-related events or
associations that will enhance the General Manager's leadership skills, the organization's reputation, and the organization's potential for Success. 
(7) Leading the development of the company's short
and long-term strategy, ensuring their alignment
with short-term and long-term objectives. 
(8) Making major corporate decisions, managing the
overall operations and resources of the company. 
(9) Communicating, on behalf of the company, with
shareholders, government entities, and the public. 
(10) Maintaining awareness of the competitive market
landscape, expansion opportunities, industry developments, etc. 
(11) Review financial and non-financial reports to
devise solutions or improvements. 
(12) Evaluating the work of other executive leaders
within the company. 
(13) Developing fresh ideas for the running of the
(14) Monitoring how various departments of the company operate and how they work together to achieve overall goals. (15) Creating and implementing strategies, together with the senior management team, to determine the direction the company will take. 
(16) Enforcing adherence to legal guidelines and in
house policies to maintain the company's legality
and business ethics. 
(17) Work closely with the Finance Manager to prepare
annual budgets, complete risk analysis on potential investments, and advise the Board of Directors with
regard to investment risk and return. 
(18) Work closely with Human Resources (HR) regarding
hiring practices, payroll and benefit disbursement. 
(19) Oversee quality control throughout the company,
establishing goals for each department

Work/Educational Requirements

Qualifications and Experience: 
(1) Bachelor's degree and Masters in business
administration or similar relevant field 
(2) 7-10 years of corporate managerial experience 
(3) Experience in developing, planning and implementing successful strategies 
(4) In-depth knowledge of corporate governance,
finance and performance management principles 
(5) Familiarity with various business functions such as
marketing, sales, finance, HR etc. 
(6) Leadership skills, including outstanding
organizational and time management skills and
handle both internal and external conflicts 
(7) Analytical mind set and problem-solving
orientation (8) Excellent communication and public speaking skills 
(9) Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills

To Apply

How to Apply: Interested candidates with security background should send detailed CVs and cover letters to:

Job Deadline : Expired

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