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Research on Key Socio-Economic Policies and Current Bills in Parliament

Date Posted: 2020-02-28 06:41:07
Company Name Silveira House
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Research on Key Socio-Economic Policies and Current Bills in Parliament: Silveira House
Deadline: 24 January 2020

Project Title: Leadership Development for Better and Accountable Governance
Geographical Coverage: Nationwide
Project Lifespan: Three Years

This project seeks to contribute to the ongoing efforts on leadership development and promotion of good governance in Zimbabwe. As part of the project inception phase, Silveira House is to conduct research and obtain insights into the key socio-economic policies and current Bills in Parliament.

The study area
The research will be undertaken on all key government socio-economic policies and Bills under discussion at various stages in Parliament.

Overall objective
The main purpose of the research is to analyse the content and implications of recently adopted or ongoing government socio-economic policies and current Bills in Parliament on national development and the well-being of Zimbabwean citizens.

Specific objectives
The following are specific objectives of the research: To gather relevant data on the current government socio-economic policies and Bills in parliament; Analyse the changes sought by the policies and Bills and their impact on the overall wellbeing of Zimbabweans; Assess the implications of the pursued changes on governance and development across the three tiers of government; Locate the role, place and spaces being opened by the policies and Bills for the participation of citizens and specific groups such as women, youths and the church; Examine implementation gaps on the policies and Bills; In line with the identified gaps, provide practical recommendations on strategies to be adopted during the implementation of Silveira House projects.

Research methodology
The study is expected to be principally anchored on desk research. Techniques: Creativity in use of techniques is at the discretion of the consultant. However, all techniques must be scientifically acceptable and ensure data quality; Gender: The consultant shall explicitly address gender issues at different levels of the research.

Work/Educational Requirements

Consultant / Consulting Team (qualifications and skills needed)
The consultant / consulting team should possess the following mix of qualifications and skills: Higher university degree in economics, law, political science, public administration, development studies or other related fields; Proven experience in conducting quality research studies; Extensive experience working with non-governmental organizations in Zimbabwe; Excellent attention to detail and evidence of quality outputs from previous assignments; Extensive experience in governance projects; Proven experience with policy and legal analysis; An understanding of the current socio-economic and political environment in Zimbabwe.

The consultant should submit a cost breakdown for the research along with the technical proposal as per the TOR.

To Apply

To apply
Interested candidates in the position are expected to provide the following documentation: A technical proposal with detailed response to the TOR; Initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and indication of availability; A financial proposal detailing the research costs; Company profile or CV including a minimum of 3 traceable, recent and relevant references to this task; Team composition with a lead consultant, and a CV of each person to be involved in the study. Interested candidates should send their applications to

Job Deadline : Expired

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