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Dominican Convent High School, Bulawayo

About Company

Our Vision To be a leading multicultural girls’ Christian High school offering a globally competitive and first class holistic education. Our Mission We strive to educate and guide our pupils towards the development of their whole being, the realization of their full potential and ability to care for and preserve the environment. Our Core Values Truth Equality Gratitude Excellence Humility Punctuality Respect for all forms of life Responsibility Integrity Compassion Passion Tolerance Our Pillars Prayer Study Community Service Our Song I will be true, for there are those who trust me; I will be pure, for there are those who care; I will be strong, for there is much to suffer; I will be brave, for there is much to dare; I will be friend of all - the foe, the friendless; I will be giving and forget the gift; I will be humble, for I know my weakness; I would look up, and laugh, and love, and live.

Head Office

116 Lobengula Street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe P.O Box 530, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe