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Treger Products is privately owned and has operated successfully in Zimbabwe since 1911. It has its head office in Bulawayo and has 5 manufacturing divisions, namely: Monarch Steel Kango Products Treger Plastics Zimbabwe Grain Bag Tregers Harare Each company has dedicated directors responsible for performance and customer satisfaction. Treger Products through its divisions is the largest manufacturer of household, cookware and appliances in Africa. In Zimbabwe it is the largest manufacturer of window frames, door frames, wheelbarrows, geysers, kitchen furniture, painted and galvanized hardware for the building and allied industries. All products are of a high quality and conform to SABS and SAZ standards. The group successfully exports its products to Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. In the last ten years we have supplied window, doorframes and other building materials to a number of Botswana and Zambia housing projects.

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Newport Street, Belmont